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Sometimes, the challenge when trying to find out key information is having to work through a number of data sources that have come from multiple third-party providers.

AlphaCert meets this challenge by providing a number of ways that information can be accessed, with built-in tools to extract and view data for information and reporting:

the Slicer – this is like a pivot table, allowing investment managers to interrogate data ‘on the fly’ and gain faster insights.

Extracts – a more structured way of accessing information and viewing a data set, such as holdings data, transactional data, or market data.

Reports – these can be run in a systemised, repeatable way, every day. Reports can be customised depending on customer needs.

Like the data warehouse, this feature is a major time saver, enabling investment managers and their staff to quickly and easily access the data they need, without having to spend hours or days collating data from multiple spreadsheets. It also reduces risk, because data is no longer subjected to manual processes, but instead is scalable, and systemised through repeatable steps.

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