Why AlphaCert?

We put you in control. The control that comes from having real-time visibility to exposures across all asset classes. We give you this confidence by bringing together all of your key data sources into a single source of trusted information.

One platform. Multiple abilities.

AlphaCert is an enterprise data management platform that provides a single source of truth for investment management data to investment managers.

Designed with maximum flexibility in mind, AlphaCert reflects that your business and how you manage your fund is unique. AlphaCert have the technology, skills and methodologies to enable you to mould the software to your needs and provide infinite levels of fund hierarchy.

With extensive verification and data dissemination functionality, AlphaCert is purpose-built to provide all of the critical data management capabilities in one solution. AlphaCert enhances your existing systems, ultimately enabling everyone from analysts to CIOs and COOs to have the confidence in their data that drives quality investment decision-making.


Easily aggregate data at all levels, across multiple hierarchies. Drill into risk and exposure across your portfolios.

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Transparent and simple history across all records for full auditability. Trace all data changes by process or user, date and time.

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Configurable role-based permissions governing user rights and authentication, robust application layer security.

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Data Warehouse

Capabilities are available via the Reporting Data Store. Data storage is optimised for reporting and analysis.

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Information & Reporting

Retrieve data quickly, for on-the-fly analytics. An extensible set of Reports, OData interface, or RESTful API.

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A single source of trusted, verified data for users and systems. The highest standards in Integrity, Quality and Technology.

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Future-proofing with an open architecture platform that can integrate with the world’s leading investment platforms.

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Spreadsheet risk: the closing bell?

Discover the inherent risks in using spreadsheets to manage investment data, and how to mitigate them.

Investing in the future

What does enterprise data management best practice look like for the investment management sector?

What people say

AlphaCert want to understand the customer. They don’t just come in and tell you what they think you need, they look at what you’ve got, how you operate and work with you on what you do need.
Fenella Gray, Consultant
AlphaCert would go beyond offerings of mature vendors to develop capabilities that were needed.
Vicki Martyn, Australian Super
AlphaCert takes away a lot of manual work from a back and middle office perspective and gives more accurate real time information to a front office environment.’
Fenella Gray, Consultant
It is their willingness to go beyond and the flexibility their product offers.
Vicki Martyn, Australian Super

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