The single source of truth for your investment management data.

Spend less time managing multiple sources of investment data to focus on adding value to your teams’ portfolios.

Stay in control with trusted, validated investment data in one place.

One platform. Multiple abilities. 

Are you manually manipulating spreadsheets due to disparate systems and inconsistent formatting? Spending hours validating reports from different providers?

We take feeds from custodian banks, market data providers and internal teams, and bring it all together. The data is then enriched, validated and ready for your teams. Push your clean data into analytics tools like Power BI and Tableau, or Microsoft Excel.

Integrate with leading providers such as BlackRock and Ortec Finance. Hundreds of billions of dollars worth of data is processed on behalf of our customers daily.



Easily aggregate data at all levels, across multiple hierarchies. Drill into risk and exposure across your portfolios.​



Transparent and simple history across all records for full auditability. Trace all data changes by process or user, date and time.



Configurable role-based permissions governing user rights and authentication, robust application layer security.


Data Warehouse

Capabilities are available via the Reporting Data Store. Data storage is optimised for reporting and analysis. 


Information & Reporting

Retrieve data quickly, for on-the-fly analytics. An extensible set of Reports, OData interface, or RESTful API.



Access trusted, verified data for users and systems. The highest standards in Integrity, Quality & Technology.

With AlphaCert, the NZ investment management company IIS reduced their time spent on cashflow modelling from 4 hours down to 30 minutes per day. 

We work with

The inherent risks in using spreadsheets to manage investment data, and how to mitigate them.

Understanding how an investment data management platform can support your strategy.

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